This is the website for The Bottom Ten League first posted about on reddit by /u/nuedd just before the start of the 2013-2014 Barclays Premier League season. You can read the early posts about it here and here.

The League has its own subreddit /r/BottomTenLeague.

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Team Helper


To help you ensure that you submit a valid team each game week we have provided a Chrome browser extension.

The extension provides a button on the fantasy league transfers page that will light up green if your team complies with the league rules, or red if it does not. It does not transmit any information over the internet and will not interfere with any other fantasy league teams you may have.

We recommend that you use this extension to avoid accidentally disqualifying yourself with a hasty transfer.

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Throughout the season this website will be updated with graphs showing performance of the teams throughout the league. Updates to the graphs will be processed each gameweek once the scores on the fantasy league website have been finalised.

Participants are encouraged at all times to gloat whenever they are at the top of the charts, cheerily mock those in the "relegation zone", and quietly sulk for the remainder of their mid-table existence.

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The League

You can find the league on the official fantasy league website at the link below. The join code to participate is: 990416-235981

Before joining bear in mind that there are a number of rules which will apply to teams entered in the league.

  1. Players may only be selected from teams at the bottom of the league last season, and the three promoted sides. The complete list of teams is: Aston Villa, Cardiff City, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Hull City, Norwich, Newcastle, Southampton, Stoke City, and Sunderland.
  2. At most 2 players may be selected from any one team from the eligible teams.
  3. If a player in your team is transferred to another team you must make transfers within 2 game weeks to comply with the above rules (eligible teams and max. 2 players per team).
  4. Non-complying teams will not be eligible for a prize and may be excluded from the league.
  5. Organiser /u/nueDD will decide how the rules are enforced and may make changes to the rules to improve the running of the league. This will always be announced in the subreddit and done for the benefit of participants.

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Latest points table for The Bottom Ten League.

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This week's points for all teams in The Steak Zone.

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Points History

This is the recorded history for all teams in The Steak Zone, by total and by gameweek.

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